Being inspired, getting creative, and making it happen!

Who needs inspiration? Everyone! Look around at every aspect of daily life. The clothing we wear, the items we use to decorate our homes, the foods we eat, even the computers and their programs we utilize. All of these were designed and created by someone who was inspired to do so.

In creative pursuits, like crafts and art, inspiration can produce a finished piece that further inspires others. These artistic pieces may have been a result of the creator's trying to express an emotion, or a thought that came to them while looking at nature, or an idea that came to them doing ordinary mundane activities. Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything if we are open and receptive.

In this photo I show how I was inspired by the pattern and colors in fabric. I love how the colors look together, so I just HAD to purchase beads in colors as close as I could get. I still need to sketch up the ideas in my head to see what this becomes, probably a cuff style bracelet using the circle shapes, or maybe squares...
I'll add pics of the sketches and progress soon, and go into more detail about how I get inspired to create.